As i was searching what to make for next post, i realized that i really do not have any of architecture pictures and for tomorrow client i will need some pictures to show, so i decided to make collage of some pictures from my trip in Copenhagen.
I also want to say that today i was thinking to buy my own domain name and start real page, but i am spreader around the web so much, so i will little wait for that.

Day in Norrviken-Sweden

It was around one o'clock afternoon when i just moved myself out of the apartment to get pictures, before here in Sweden sun will go down (It is now four o'clock and it is already dark).
I am not used to having dark so fast, i am getting used to it now.I am originally from Slovenia and i moved in Sweden seven months ago, so i am just getting slowly used to all this changes what my moving brought it with.
So, back to my main theme which i started to write :).
I got to the station Norrviken, it is cute little station in north of Stockholm's Land and when i get off the train, it was little raining and i knew that i needed the umbrella, but i do not like it and i guess i prefer being wet instead :), so i was wet so much but i did keep going and exploring this part of the swedish land, although the rain there were couple of people walking and enjoying and i was the only one with the camera and i felt like some kind of hunter :).I took couple of pictures, enjoyed in rainy walking through woods and was thinking a lot about how calm it is and how nice it is being outside and do something for your own feeling.And yes i forgot to say, that  was listening music all the way on that loudness that i could still also hear the rain drops falling.
When rain started to be harder, than i was forced to run and hide, but as we know it is autumn, that all tress were without leafs and i went back to the station, when i missed for a couple of seconds train :).

First Trip By Myself to Copenhagen-Denmark

This was my first Copenhagen trip and i felt really free of doing all what i want , taking pictures as much as i need my time and not think if some one is disturbed by that. I like taking pictures, that is really my passion and i feel so free in that feeling. Here are some photos of my trip.

+@dashable photography